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NBA Quick-Take


NBA Quick-Take

What a night last night for Kelly Olynyk! He looked like a man possessed and I was loving every minute of it as everyone who knows me knows I love to play me some Kelly. OK with that out of the way we are winding things down and we get a new series on the slate with the Celtics hosting the Cavaliers. We have Kawhi Leonard most likely sitting for the Spurs and like I mentioned yesterday that opens up potential value on the Spurs. The Cavaliers have been resting forever and it will be interesting to see how they come out in game 1.

I’ll just list off a few of my favorite plays again today as it’s another night to go light GPP only in my opinion.

Kyrie Irving—well rested and in a solid matchup especially if he sees a lot of Thomas defense. I always love Kyrie on rest and this is about as rested as it gets. Love the price on DK and solid enough on FD.

Isaiah Thomas—will be popular at his price and because he draws the Irving defense. Solid play at home but I prefer Irving by a hair.

Patty Mills—nice cheaper differentiation play who should see some extra usage with Leonard on the pine. Livingston is also in play if Iguodala sits because he is basically free but is risky because of potential opportunity cost if 2 of the big 3 point guards go huge.

Manu Ginobli—could benefit from Leonard sitting as well but the game needs to not turn into a blowout for him to see good run and this could certainly blow out.

Kyle Anderson—should be a direct beneficiary of Leonard being out and is cheaper and should be lower owned than Johnathon Simmons who is also very much in play.

LeBron James—expensive but should do well and if raw points come into play should the Warriors game blowout he could very well be in the winning line even without making value.

LaMarcus Aldridge—the price has been jacked up on FD where I can take him or leave him but close to a must play for me on DK as he should eat with Leonard out.

Kelly Olynyk—I didn’t mention him yesterday although I almost always do as he’s possibly my favorite GPP play in the NBA period. He’ll likely be a bit too high owned tonight after yesterday’s explosion but he’s always in play. Just don’t expect a repeat performance here although he’s always capable.

Zaza Pachulia—I mentioned yesterday if you think he gets the same run in game 2 as he did in game 1 he’s a great play at this price especially on DK.

Good luck tonight everyone and bring home some of that #dojodough!!

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