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NBA Cheat Sheets – 1.17.19

NBA Cheat Sheets

Welcome to The Roto Dojo NBA Cheat Sheets page! Like our MLB cheat sheets, we have incorporated some advanced data points you will not see anywhere else. While most providers will just give you the data for the given player, our sheets will help you decide whether the matchup is a good one not.

I’ll go into some specifics once the regular season starts for our subscribers but here is a brief description on each of the columns.

Keep in mind all of these metrics as of now are from preseason and as the season starts we will incorporate the regular season stats.

MPG- Minutes per game

FGM- Field Goals Made per game

3PM- 3 point shots made per game

TOV- Turnovers per game

RPG- Rebounds per game

APG- Assists per game

SPG- Steals per game

BPG- Blocks per game

PPG- Points per game

FPG- fantasy points per game

FPM- fantasy points per minute

DEFENSE- Metric designed to identify matchup. A negative number is a worse matchup, while the larger number is a better matchup. (More details will be available to subscribers)

EXPFPM- the expected fantasy points per min when taking into consideration the results of a particular player’s defensive matchup.

EXP Mins- the expected minutes for a player. The default is what the player has averaged thus far. This highlighted column is completely adjustable. As you change this value you will see the next columns of EXP FP and Value update.

EXP FP- results from your adjusted EXP Mins multiplied by the EXPFPM.

Salary- Salary of given player on FD and DK

Value- Simply… Salary divided by the Expected fantasy player points.


Download Sheets Below

NBA CheatSheets

Good Luck and let me know of any questions at @wallenfunk on twitter!!


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