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MLB Pitching Sheet Unveiled!

MLB Pitching Sheet

MLB Pitching Sheet

We would like to introduce a BRAND NEW MLB RESOURCE from available exclusively to our MLB SUBs Members! We are excited to unveil a new pitching tool that will help you in identifying great pitching options along with team stacks to attack pitchers with.

How do I access the MLB Pitching Sheet?

Glad you asked… Just become a member! CLICK HERE to Sign up now and Start Winning More!

What’s in the Pitching Sheets?

I am using this year’s pitchers data, (unless no data from this year exists) and same for team batting. The team batting is based off how that team does against the hand of the pitcher. The rating is a formula I created to weigh all of these data points to come up with the best plays. I also added salary for both sites (DK and FD) so that you can get an idea of the value of said pitcher. If you reverse the rating you can use this to identify teams you may want to stack with against certain pitchers. Once you identify these stacks or teams you want to use for your batters, use the MLB Cheat Sheets to identify the best options for those teams.

Hope this helps you and simplifies your research time. Any questions reach out to me on Twitter @wallenfunk

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