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MNF Cheat Sheet – 9/11

MNF Vik shoes

Monday Night SLATE


Bradford (GPP & cash) fav QB
Brees (GPP)
Siemen (GPP)


Cook (GPP & cash)
Gordon (cash)
Anderson (GPP) fav GPP RB
Ingram (GPP)
Peterson (GPP)


Diggs (GPP & cash)
D. Thomas (GPP & cash)
Sanders (GPP)
Treadwell (GPP) (value) fav GPP WR
Thielen (GPP & cash)
Ginn (GPP) (value)


Rudolph (GPP & cash)
Gates (GPP & cash)
Henry (GPP)


2. DEN

Hopefully yesterday’s cheat sheet helped you all out! Tonight we have 2 game slate for MNF!! These are my plays and I listed my favorite plays at each position. I can see MIN dominating this game which is why I am so high on them as you can tell. I do not find LAC nor DEN O’s impressive. That game is where we might the GPP plays that get us into the GREEN and take own some GPP’s!! Follow me on twitter (@bearded1inkedup) & ask me any questions about week 1!

@TheRotoDojo #SmallSlateKillers

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