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These short writeups are going to give each teams strengths against the opposing pitcher and what I think about the overall matchup. Some will be more specific if the matchup warrants. I’ll try to also share if I like the pitcher or not. The batters listed are the ones that I would look to first if I was attacking the opposing pitcher or fears for the pitcher if you decide to use.   Keep in mind some of these players may or may not play as I break them down before the lineups are posted. Hope the information helps. As long as it keeps helping people I’ll continue to post for free. But you have to let me know that is helping or you like th content!!


Braves. Suzuki .567 Duvall Albies Flowers Freeman .510 culberson. Gio allows .348 xwoba to righties. Suzuki freeman and Swanson have multiple homers off Gio. Braves kind of cold in last 7 days with only culberson above 30% hard contact last 7 days. But put up some runs against the gas can Milone. Like the Braves bats today

Indians. Jram Lindor Brantley Gonzalez all .388 or above xwoba vs Berrios pitch type. Quite surprising but Jram only 12% hard contact in last 7 days. Gomes 83% hard contact(smaller sample), and Brantley 49% lead the way. Berrios has good history vs Cleveland only allowing .167 average .191 woba against the starters of Cleveland. In fact he has 15 strikeouts while allowing 14 hits and 5 runs in 89 pa. Risky but don’t mind Berrios today

Brewers. Moustakas Aguilar Thames pina Braun Cain Erlin only allows .298 xwoba to left and .288 to right. Has a 23% k rate to left and 21% to right. Brewers do match up pretty well with ss against Erlin pitch type. Erlin hasn’t went long in games due to primarily being a bullpen arm but his last start against cubs going 5 ip. For 4600 on dk I think the price is good enough to warrant the punt if you want to go there. Risky but at that price don’t need much

Twins. Rosario .518 Cave .400 Mauer .373 xwoba against Kluber pitch type. 30% k rate to both sides and twins have lowest total on the board. Twins haven’t really done much against the Indians this series and think the same happens today. Kluber highest priced pitcher on slate but matchup looks really good for him. For cash he is your play

Padres. Hosmer Ellis. Ellis and Reyes over 60% hard last 7 days. Guerra has been decent this year but much better at home if you believe in those type of splits. Somewhat alarming of a .246 Babip that I don’t think is sustainable but 24% k rate at home helps against a padres team that can k. Like Guerra today. But likely a bit popular facing the padres

Nationals. Rendon Murphy Eaton Harper. Prefer the first 3 though. Anibal has been pretty good this year allowing .309 xwoba to lefties and .272 xwoba to righties. Hottest bat for Nationals is Zimmerman at 42% hard contact last 7. On a bvp perspective Rendon 0/12 and rest of lineup for Nationals have hit a combined 8 homers off Sanchez. Sanchez has faced the Nationals 3 times this year. First start only 3 innings and 15 fd points. Other two starts he went for 40 and 43 fd points. On the fence here. Likely hedge this play if doing multiple lines


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