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MLB Cheat Sheets – 4/25/18

MLB Cheat Sheets

First of all, I want to thank you for using our MLB Cheat Sheets. I have been doing MLB DFS for many years, and each year I put together sheets to compile the data I like to use when determining players. Each year I dig a little further to find an edge and this year was no different.

These sheets use a complex formula of metrics and data to help produce what you’ll find to be amazing results. We believe, that these are one of the best tools available for MLB DFS.

Detailed information about each of the data points will be posted this weekend.

 Need a little help?


Here are today’s MLB Cheat Sheets and MLB Pitching Sheet for Thursday, March 29th! Use the sheets, set your lines… WIN THAT GREEN! #dojodough

Video walk through of the cheat sheets can be accessed here:



Hope this helps you and simplifies your research time. Any questions reach out to me on Twitter @wallenfunk

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