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CFL Week 1 Cash Line Review

CFL Week 1 Review

CFL Week 1 Cash Line

As with most week 1s in all the sports the first week of CFL turned out to be a little strange. Several chalk players basically did next to nothing and there were some sleepers who seemingly came out of nowhere with huge games. I’m going to briefly break down the thought process I had in designing my cash game lineup this week which, thankfully, was able to cash across the board despite some hiccups.

I always start off by plugging in anyone I think is pretty much a cash must play and that number varies week to week but this week 2 names jumped off the board to me and they were Cameron Marshall and Brandon Zylstra. I know a lot of people were a bit scared of using Marshall but once he was named the starter I just couldn’t pass up the $3600 tag. I really don’t like to pay up at running back in the CFL as it’s very difficult week to week to feel confident any particular running back is going to put up decent numbers and anytime I can find a cheap starter I generally just roll with him. Just about everyone was on Zylstra going in and I knew that but given his opportunity relative to his gross underpricing I didn’t think twice about him and moved on.

My next selection was finding a QB and it was really between Bo Levi Mitchell and Jonathon Jennings for me. I wouldn’t have faulted anyone for using Mike Reilly either but give the departure of Derel Walker and the new set of receivers I wanted to take a wait and see approach on him and his price of $10800 certainly wasn’t begging me to play him. I determined Mitchell had the edge for me simply because he’s a little more experienced than Jennings and I trusted Mitchell’s floor more. It didn’t hurt that Calgary and Ottawa seem to always get involved in close games that come down to the wire and I felt Mitchell might feel like he had something to prove after the way last season ended. EDITOR’S NOTE: Jennings was in some of my GPP lines and he burned me plenty.

This left me with a WR, 2 flex spots, and a defense. I went ahead and stuck Montreal in as they were playing against the team with the lowest total and anyone who knows me knows I hate selecting defenses and I really didn’t labor much over this decision. Adarius Bowman really scared me a lot this week as I had no idea what might happen with him with Walker headed off to the NFL. I researched a bit and it seemed like he was going to be pretty chalky as everyone seemed to feel he was going to be a target monster with Walker gone. I totally wasn’t sold on this but eventually decided if he was going to be the chalk a lot of my risk was going to be mitigated and I thought he probably had a 15 point floor. He did not. The 3.3 burger Bowman put up could have easily wrecked my line but luckily Emmanuel Arceneaux was even chalkier than Bowman and only managed 5 fantasy points. I absolutely loved Arceneaux this week and he managed to spoil some of my GPP lines as well but I faded him in cash simply because I wasn’t sold on Jennings.

Luke Tasker was the next guy in my line as I just love his floor and consistency. You are generally not looking for a guy like Tasker to go out and win you a GPP with a huge performance but for cash games, he’s the perfect steady guy to stick in your line and this decision was easy for me. My final roster spot came down to Marquay McDaniel or Ernest Jackson. I eventually talked myself off McDaniel based on his injury and reportedly some increased competition for targets. By all accounts, the injury was behind him but this spooked me off of him for cash and I opted for Jackson. It looked like Jackson was the clear number one in Montreal and I expected a strong debut performance. As it turned out McDaniel crushed Jackson in fantasy points and this decision could have been a disaster on certain weeks.

Luckily despite the horrible performance from Bowman and a poor choice in taking Jackson over McDaniel my line was able to easily cash in all double up formats. So CFL is off to a great start and I look forward to sharing thoughts with you guys from time to time this year. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter with any suggestions or questions (@bullfroggreen).

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