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Playline Stats

These are stats designed to be used for the Playline DFS site. These stats come from some of my own algorithms based off of the players season and recent performance. It also includes data that weighs in the matchup for given players. These numbers may change throughout the day as players are out and matchups change. I will try to update around 4:30pm each day based off news at the time.  Let me know if this helps you with success on the Playline site. Any questions reachout to me on twitter @wallenfunk If you haven’t signed up for playline you can do so right here


To get all the stats including Draftkings and FD projected fantasy points you will need to access the NBA sheets which are included with all subs.


MLB is coming soon… I plan on making Playline projections for MLB if I can come up with accurate projections. These will be included with our MLB subs package that also includes our MLB cheat sheets, Dojorithm lines, and slack chat for Monthly or Season subs. Sign up today using discount code “Dojodough” to save 25% !!!!!



Playline 4.11



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